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Our Work

Delivering support services to people affected by eating disorders and their families forms a significant part of our work. Bodywhys does not provide counselling or psychotherapy.

Staff undertake many other activities, ranging from:

  • The training and supervision of volunteers for our support services
  • The delivery of webinars and school talks, to promote positive body image, self-esteem and to encourage young people to mind their mental health, working directly with young people to hear their feedback on body image
  • The development of resources and lesson plans for teachers to use in promoting positive body image and self esteem in both primary and secondary school
  • The provision of information packs and literature
  • Creating professional resources
  • Working with, and supporting, the HSE’s National Clinical Programme Eating Disorders (NCPED)
  • Delivering the free PiLaR Programme for family members and friends
  • The delivery of training talks and lectures to organisations within Ireland, for example: carers, nursing students, teaching staff, clinical staff, mental health services and treatment centres
  • Conference presentations
  • Working with social media companies and state agencies to address safety issues and online harmful content
  • Reviewing the research literature to identify emerging issues and trends in the area of eating disorders
  • Updating information on eating disorders statistics to ensure it is accurate
  • Working with academics and researchers to expand the knowledge and evidence base on people’s experiences of eating disorders in Ireland
  • Supporting research projects by university students
  • Media engagement and analysis of media coverage of eating disorders
  • Running an annual awareness campaign – Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW)
  • Supporting members of our Media Panel
  • Commenting on key issues through public submissions
  • Collaborating with partner organisations