HSE Model of Care

In January 2018, the Health Service Executive (HSE) launched the National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders (NCP-ED), also known as Model of Care. This, in effect, is a national strategy for the treatment of eating disorders in Ireland.

The Model of Care aims to provide timely, high quality services and care in Ireland, at all stages of eating disorders. This includes evidence based treatment, dedicated eating disorder treatment teams, and a stepped model of care for children and adolescents, and adults and families.

Bodywhys is the partner organisation in the development, and implementation of, the Model of Care.

Model of Care website

Model of Care: A guide for people with eating disorders and their families

A guide to bibliotherapy for eating disorders

HSE Self-care app for eating disorders

Key points from of the Model of Care

An enhanced service structure Patient-centred care and recovery
Resources to deliver the service Integrated care
Improved clinical outcomes Reduced medical crises
Reduce mortality and morbidity through earlier recognition Early access to psychosocial and medical treatment

Video about the National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders

In this video, Dr Michelle Clifford, the National Clinical Lead for Eating Disorders, explains what eating disorders are and the importance of early access to a specialist team.

An actor recounts the story of a young person developing an eating disorder and being unsure how or who to talk to about it. She describes her experience attending a specialist eating disorders team and moving towards recovery, returning to school and sports.