BodywhysConnect: Online Support Group (19+)

Dates for 2017

When November December
Wednesday 8th 6th
Monday 13th 11th
Wednesday 22nd 20th
Monday 27th 27th
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Groups run from 7:30pm-9pm GMT


Upcoming technical changes

In October 2017, we will be moving to new software for the online groups. You will be asked to reset your password during this time. Please bear with us due to any technical issues which may arise and feel free to send any feedback to Kathy,

What is BodywhysConnect?

  • BodywhysConnect is a free, online support group currently offered to people with eating disorders aged 19 years and over. 
  • BodywhysConnect aims to provide support to those who may be geographically isolated from a support group or those who find it too difficult to attend a face-to-face group.
  • BodywhysConnect is a space where people can come together, with 2 trained facilitators to get and give support to one another about what they are experiencing and coping with.
  • The online support groups are based on the idea of mutual support. They are not a therapy group, although they often have a therapeutic effect, helping a person to feel calmer and more able to cope.
  • If you are aged 13-18 years, please use YouthConnect

What happens when I log into a group?

People are welcomed by Bodywhys facilitators. The facilitators will post the ground rules/guidelines for the group. Confidentiality and respect are emphasised.

In the online group, people talk by typing in a text box at the bottom of the screen. A list of users who are logged on is shown on the right hand side.

The group generally determines what is discussed at each session. The facilitators do not have a set agenda. People attending are under no obligation to speak during a session. The facilitators ensure the space is safe for all attending. If you feel uncomfortable or upset, do make sure to talk this through before leaving the session.

You do not have to ‘speak’ if you don’t feel ready. It is OK to simply observe.

There is no pressure to talk until you feel ready.

Ground Rules

  • We ask people in the group to avoid talking about specific weights, foods or the details of behaviours they are engaging in. This helps everyone feel safe and supported so that people can talk about how they are feeling.
Registration process and logging on
  • All registered users are welcome to login for a support group. If you are not already registered, Register Now!
  • Please ensure that you activate your user ID through the confirmation email, if you do not receive it, please check your junk mail folder in case it ended up there by mistake.
Video demonstration: Sometimes people are a little nervous about what the groups might be like, we have created this short video on how the groups work (sound is not required).

Please note that Bodywhys provides confidential support services within the limits of its Child Protection Policy.