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Bodywhys is involved in a number of national partnerships including:



Headline is Ireland’s national media monitoring programme, working to promote responsible and accurate coverage of mental health and suicide related issues

Headline aims to highlight mental health issues and address the stigma attached to emotional distress, suicidal behaviour and mental illness through the promotion of responsible media coverage.


Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform is a coalition of organisations committed to specific mental health reform objectives. The coalition seeks to improve the lives of people with mental health difficulties by advocating for people’s rights to the highest attainable standard of mental health and mental healthcare. We aim to leverage the knowledge and networks of our members and our partners to create a credible, audible and informed voice for change.

National Office for Suicide Prevention

The HSE’s National Office for Suicide Prevention role is to effectively support, inform, monitor and co-ordinate the implementation of the Connecting For Life suicide reduction strategy.


Network of Childhood Illness Organisations

Children in Hospital Ireland (CHI) established a network of childhood illness groups in order to promote relevant collaborations, share information and expertise and create a combined voice for advocating for enhanced services for children and young people with experience of hospital, and their families

The objective of the network is to maximise combined knowledge and evidence from childhood illness organisations so that we, as a group, can be a stronger voice in the promotion of better services for affected children and their families.


See Change

See Change is Ireland’s national programme working to change minds about mental health problems in Ireland. We’re working in partnership with Irish organisations to create a disruptive, community driven social movement to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems. We’re passionate about equality, and part of our mission is to ensure that everyone enjoys the same rights on an equal basis.