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Primary Schools

What Bodywhys Offer Primary Schools

Bodywhys believes that teachers and youth workers are often the best placed to help detect, prevent and support young people affected by eating disorders. Teachers can also effectively promote awareness of eating disorders and promote positive body image within the school setting. Bodywhys have a range of supports for teachers in both secondary and primary schools including teacher training, evidence informed resources to use in the classroom and other support options.

Teacher Training

Bodywhys offer training webinars throughout the school year to provide primary school teachers with an understanding of eating disorders and body image issues in the preteen years. This training is intended to support teachers in early recognition of an eating disorder or body image concerns in a student and the correct pathways to follow should a concern arise. This training provides an overview of relevant supports and an introduction to Bodywhys resources for primary schools. To sign up for training please email with Primary School Teacher Training in the subject heading.

Resources and Lesson Plans

Unfortunately, body image issues and eating disorders are increasingly common in preteens. Bodywhys have developed the ‘Happy To Be Me’ programme to promote positive body image in primary school children. The Happy To Be Me programme has been developed to provide teachers with fun, easy to use materials to promote positive body image and self-esteem in primary school children.

This resource has been developed to counter the current pressures to body image described by young people, taking into account the average age that children encounter new technology and become more exposed to media ideals and media messaging. All materials are age appropriate and media literacy lessons are introduced gradually from 2nd class onwards. It is hoped that the lessons will encourage children to embrace individual differences and diversity, and that the resource will provide additional support in promoting a positive peer supportive environment to facilitate development of positive body image, which is vital to emotional well being.

Teacher Feedback

“Amazing resource”

“The lessons are very well pitched, age appropriate and full of varied activities that will engage the children”

“This is really set within an Irish context and meeting a definite need”

Access the Happy To Be Me programme.

Free Information Sheets and Posters

A selection of free information sheets, leaflets and posters are available for schools. Please contact to request copies.