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SeeMySelf Programme

SeemySelf – is an online psycho-education programme designed for young people aged 15-24. The programme focuses on different issues such as self-esteem, body image and media, and culture.

Participants work through a series of the six modules week-by-week.

Each participant is allocated a supporter who will, via the online programme, check in with the person’s progress and engagement with the modules weekly.

If you would like to explore these topics some more, if you would like to be better understand how your feelings and thoughts influence each other, then please contact Kathy on:

Click here to see a video demonstration.

“It really makes you think about the way you describe yourself and the way you feel about yourself. It makes you focus on all the positives and by doing so, helps you to see that the things you maybe don’t like are part of what makes you unique.”

– comments by Becca (participant in pilot programme).