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Email Support –

“Like a helpline call, in an email”

Support email address

Due to the large volume of support type requests being sent into our office’s administration email address, we developed a dedicated, free and confidential email support service for anyone based in the Republic of Ireland.

Who emails?

This is open to anyone affected by eating disorders, including family, friends or partners, worried work colleagues, housemates, teachers, youth workers and other professionals.


People email for for many different reasons:

  • For information
  • To feel heard
  • To write down their experiences of an eating disorder
  • To talk about recovery or relapses
  • To find a way of moving forward
  • Worries about treatment
  • Worries about talking to family
  • Worries about a son, daughter or friend

Some use the service for ongoing support.


Our emails are always written with a fresh and are non-directive, focusing on listening and supporting the person. Support email responses are written by trained Bodywhys volunteers. Bodywhys endeavours to respond to all emails within three working days, though sometimes the service is extremely busy.

Please note that Bodywhys provides confidential support services within the limits of its Child Protection Policy.