Personal Stories Books

Life Hurts: A Doctor’s Personal Journey through Anorexia

Written by a young woman who developed anorexia at 14, this is the personal story of Elizabeth who went on to become a doctor. Dr. Elizabeth McNaught, 2017. Published by Malcolm Down. Website


Myra Hornbacher, Flamingo, 1998, hardback, also available in paperback. A riveting and very personal account of the author’s struggle with and recovery from both anorexia and bulimia. I would do anything to keep people from going where I went.

My Secret Life: A Memoir of Bulimia

Leanne Waters, 2011. Published by Maverick House.

My Body My Enemy: My Thirteen Year Battle with Anorexia Nervosa

Beeken and Greenstreet, Thorsons, 1997. Claire Beeken had anorexia from the age of 10 and describes how she was inspired to get better through her meeting with a friend who died from the same illness.

Mealtimes and Milestones: A Teenager’s Diary of Moving on from Anorexia

Constance Barter, 2010. Published by Robinson.

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