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Where Am I?

By G.G.

Where am I ?
I peer in the glass that mirrors me
But it’s not me I see
I glare and stare hard into her eyes
She glares back then sighs
Where am I gone I yell?
Where am I she doesn’t tell
I place my hand over my face
My movements she does trace
Puffy cheeks what have I done?
They’ve won
She mirrors me as I trace my body length
Blobs of fat arms with strength
This imposter, stranger is who
Who they want me to become
And now they’ve won
But I wont except her
That’s clear I’m sure
I’ll banish her once more
With my mighty roar
I need the strength the power of will
And then the stranger will be still
I’ll be me and she’ll be gone
Forever this time and all time on.