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Personal Stories

Confessions of a ‘Failed Anorexic’

“What do you mean I have an eating disorder?! I couldn’t possibly have one, I’m not even skinny!” Those were the first words that came out of my mouth when I went to the dietician and discovered that I had a significantly low weight. All of the evidence was laid out before me, I had […]

Personal story about my experience with body dysmorphia

I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. All I could focus on was everything social media told me I should hate about myself; the stretch marks, the stomach rolls, the hip dips. My body had changed a lot since my diagnosis of a hormone condition, and I struggled to accept that. I wished […]

My Personal Story

Looking back on my life I can see now that I have always had issues with food, when I was a younger, I was described as ‘’a pickie eater’’.  Fast forward 30+ years and I hit rock bottom and had to face up to my eating disorder and do something or it would get the better of me.

Experiences of Shame

Experiences of College Students

Poems by Ananda

My story – by Claire

It had never occurred to me I would get better, there was just this black end in sight when I thought about the future. In some way in was a forceful sort of existence in the present moment as the future really didn’t even feature. I had been bulimic since the age of 14 and […]

A Story of a Recovered Compulsive Eater

By Sarah I had no peace, no joy I just obsessed about my weight. I was focused on dieting and restricting and binging. I was never in between to the degree that I would get really depressed if I ate more than I said I would in a day and I would be really happy […]

Untitled story

By B When the light comes in. It will come in, if u let it. My soul yearned for it but my head said no for quite sometime. Sent friends & family away, shivered with the cold, lay opened eyed every nite. With tears dripping down my face. My body achingly frail hiding from the […]

I don’t know how it started

By Alf I don’t know how it started. I don’t know when it started. There was no event that I could point to that made me do it the first time. I don’t even remember the first time I did it. It was just a gradual realisation that I was doing it. And even then, […]