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‘To The Bone’ from Netflix, statement by Bodywhys

Bodywhys is aware of the discussion that has arisen in relation to the Netflix film, To The Bone which will be released on July 14th. The film, rated for those aged 15 and older, focuses on a 20 year old woman who is experiencing an eating disorder.

Barry Murphy, Communications Officer with Bodywhys said: “Having seen To The Bone in its entirety, it is clear that the filmmakers have understood the seriousness and complexity of eating disorders.”

“Visual and other elements of the film may raise concerns for parents and people affected by eating disorders. The lead character, Ellen, is in crisis and unwell. Some scenes involving specific eating disorder behaviours are shown, along with personal and emotional conversations”, said Murphy.

“The film contains a number of key messages:

  • That eating disorders are a psychological illness.
  • That they are not about food, dieting or vanity.
  • That they pose a significant risk to a person’s emotional and physical health.

“It may be useful for family members to watch the film together. If you have experience of an eating disorder, speak to a professional, family member or Bodywhys to seek support for how the film might have an impact on you” added Murphy.

People can and do recover from eating disorders


Notes for Editors

  • The Department of Health & Children estimates that 200,000 people in Ireland are affected by eating disorders.
  • Bodywhys is the national voluntary organisation supporting people affected by eating disorders


  • Bodywhys Helpline Number: LoCall 1890 200 444



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