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‘Spencer’ Film – Advice from Bodywhys


Bodywhys is aware of the newly released film, Spencer, portraying the life of Princess Diana, released on November 5th. The film, rated 12A, contains graphic scenes of eating disorder behaviours, self-harm and specific mentions of weight.  Having seen Spencer in its entirety, Bodywhys highlights that the visual and other elements of the film may raise concerns for people affected by or vulnerable to eating disorders.

Safe viewing and seeking support – Should I watch the film?

We would not advise anyone currently unwell, or concerned about their health, to watch Spencer. If any viewers have been affected and need support, please know we are here to listen and support you in any way we can.

What does the film show?

Visual and other elements of the film may be challenging for those with a personal connection to the issue of eating disorders. The film portrays Diana’s internal struggles with her mental health, she appears in crisis and unwell. Some scenes involving specific details of eating disorder behaviours and self-harm are shown, along with emotional conversations and scenes alluding to Diana’s body image concerns.

If you have been affected by anything included in the film, please reach out to a professional, family member or Bodywhys to seek support. Eating disorders are a serious psychological illness that can pose a significant risk to a person’s emotional and physical health. Please know, we are here to listen and support you in any way we can. People can and do recover from eating disorders.


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