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Seeking Experts By Experience

In January 2018 the HSE published a National Model of Care for Eating Disorders (MOC) in partnership with College of Psychiatrists’ of Ireland and Bodywhys. In the absence of a pre-existing dedicated eating disorder infrastructure or strategy, this Model of Care document was developed in order to guide the provision of high quality, accessible and value for money eating disorder services in Ireland.

Key recommendations include the development of a national network of dedicated eating disorder teams embedded within the mental health service, a stepped model of outpatient, day patient and inpatient care provision based on clinical need, and the development of a skilled, trained workforce. In the context of the significant physical morbidity associated with eating disorders, this Model of Care also recommends a strong integration between primary care, mental health services and medical teams, including the bridging of the acute hospital and mental health service divide through mutual clinical commitments and shared pathways.

The HSE National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders (NCP-ED) supports the implementation of the Model of Care with the key aims of improving the quality, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of services. A core value of the National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders (NCP-ED) is that the HSE model of care provides the opportunity, care and environment for people with eating disorders to recover.

The perspectives of people with eating disorders and their carers are crucial in shaping the implementation and further evolution of the HSE’s National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders (NCP-ED). We invite you to join an advisory group to guide the implementation and further development of the Model of Care for Eating Disorder services in Ireland.

For more information and to express an interest, please email Harriet on: with ‘Experts by Experience’ in the title.