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Bodywhys New Maudsley Carer Skills Podcast

We are delighted to share our New Maudsley Carer Skills Podcast with Jenny Langley and Harriet Parsons. This podcast series intends to bring the New Maudsley Carer Skills to life, in bite size pieces.

You can find Jenny’s website here. For more information on the red and blue balloon exercise, see here.

You can find the podcast on our Anchor or through popular platforms, such as Apple, Google and Spotify.


  1. History of Maudsley, red and blue balloon
  2. Readiness ruler
  3. Attend Label Validate Soothe (ALVS)
  4. Animal metaphors
  5. Open Affirmation Reflections Summary (OARS)
  6. Stages of change model
  7. The decisional balance
  8. Develop discrepancy Empathise Amplify ambivalence Roll with resistance Supporting self-efficacy (DEARS)
  9. The reassurance trap
  10. The accommodation and enabling scale
  11. Five step approach to change for carers
  12. A Five Step Approach to Change for people with an eating disorder
  13. DARN-C and Solution Focused Question
  14. SMART goals, anxiety hierarchy
  15. The nutritional risk ruler and the concept of reasonable risk
  16. Collaborating with care teams
  17. An emergency visit to A&E
  18. Going to the GP
  19. Reclaiming core family values
  20. Managing Food and Eating – Part 1
  21. Managing Food and Eating – Part 2
  22. Managing Food and Eating – Part 3
  23. Physically well but not yet recovered


  • December 2022 – Christmas special
  • #EDAW2023 – Exploring Dad’s experiences