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Nov 30th: Conference – Food for Thought – Eating Disorders in a Modern Society

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services’ annual Founder’s Day conference, in collaboration with Bodywhys, will focus on eating disorders in a modern society. The conference will focus on research, online and societal factors, diet and treatments.


Prof Janet Treasure, Director of Psychiatry at King’s College London will deliver the plenary lecture.  Speakers include Dr Clare O’Toole (SPMHS), Prof Fiona McNichols (UCD), Harriet Parsons (Bodywhys), Dr Colman Noctor (SPMHS), Eleanor Sutton (Dietician), and Gerard Butcher, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist.


  • Friday, November 30th at St Patrick’s University Hospital.
  • Registration is from 8.15am.