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Youth Panel

Be Body Positive Youth Panel: Who Are We?

About the Bodywhys Youth Panel
The Youth Panel is made up of young people aged 16-25 who collaborate with the Bodywhys Youth Development Team on a regular basis to represent the views of young people.

Bodywhys work closely with the youth panel in the development of any programmes which will be used with young people in schools or youth groups. The youth panel are also involved in the design of youth leaflets, posters and any material for schools, youth groups or youth events. We really rely on the Bodywhys Youth Panel input to let us know how to best support young people to challenge current pressures to body image.

Some of the activities the Youth Panel may be involved in:
• Helping to spread the ‘Be Body Positive’ message and ideas for how to do so
• Thinking up new ideas for services for young people
• Helping to develop a Youth content for our website
• Developing ‘body image’ content for our programmes for schools
• Helping to design/develop leaflets and other stuff for young people
• Being a Bodywhys representative at events.

Application form

If you are interested in being involved with the Youth Panel please fill out this form.

– Youth Panel Application Form
(Please note:  The youth panel is not a support group for people who are affected by eating disorders.

Connect with us:

Join our social networking sites; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Y.S.I. Projects: 

Doing a Young Social Innovator Project on body image or a related area?

Contact us for information.

Creative Stuff:
•    Send in media clips, stories, poems, artwork, etc
•    Pictures or videos or ideas for stuff you would like to see on our website
•    Other funky, fun ideas that you think might work!

Send Ideas:   
•    Ways to spread the ‘Be Body Positive’ message
•    Ideas for fun days to run in school to promote the ‘Be Body Positive’ message
•    Any other wild and wonderful ideas you might have!
Let us know any other ways you would like to help the Be Body Positive campaign.
All suggestions are welcome.

Please email all ideas, requests for information or questions to

How can people feel better about their body image?

Brief interviews with a range of people in St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

Youth Panel Vox Pop #1

Miriam O’ Callaghan discusses some of her experiences as a teenager.

In this clip, Monica Loughman speaks to our Youth Panel about her experiences with body image.
In this clip, Catherine Fulvio speaks to our Youth Panel about her experiences with body image.