Eating Disorders & Exams

Exams cause a very natural level of stress for the majority of people in schools, colleges and workplaces around the country every year. For some, however, the exam period can be a very particular trigger for the development or possible intensifying of eating disordered behaviour.

For those affected by eating disorders, the pressures associated with exams can pose a particular problem. In fact, people often seem to cope quite well with the exam stress, but it is the post-exam period that can cause difficulty.

At this time it is important to:

•    Have a study routine incorporating regular breaks and meal times.

•    Ask for support from those around you. Think about what will make this time easier for you and ask those around you to help with that. Think about ways that you can relieve the pressure for yourself.

•    Find ways to relax that let you take your mind off exams. Try to plan activities every week that let you unwind completely even for a few hours.

•    Don’t allow yourself to become isolated by the eating disorder. Your friends and family members can help you to get through this difficult period.  


Further information along with tips for parents are available here.

If you need support before, during or after the exam period, you can contact the Bodywhys helpline or email