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Annual Report 2013






The Bodywhys Annual Report 2013 is now available.

Support Services

In 2013, Bodywhys dealt with 546 support email requests. 78% of those were from people with eating disorders, 19% were from family and friends.


48% of those who used the Bodywhys helpline were people with eating disorders, whilst 47% were family members and friends. The majority of callers from people with an eating disorder were from individuals aged 25-35 years. Where callers mentioned the duration of the eating disorder, the majority concerned a person who has been affected for over 10 years.


Bodywhys faciliated 108 face-to-face support groups. 74% of people attending were over 25 years of age and 20% of group users were men.


Bodywhys facilitated 105 online support groups. In the case of BodywhysConnect, 75% of those who accessed the service were repeat users. In the case of our of Teens Online group, there was a 32% increase in attendance in contrast to figures from 2012.

This would not have been possible without the energry, time and commitment given by our volunteers.