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You’re Strong Enough

By R.D.

Have you ever looked inside your soul?
Or tried to see into your heart
Wonder is it just you that feels this way
If from all the world you stand apart

Ever feel like a spectator
That partakes in frequent games
But never knows how others feel
And never seems to feel the same

Although you see your smiling face
So convincing in each way
And you can hear your laughter
And know you betray no signs of pain
When you sit and watch those around you
Knowing they have their problems too
Do you wonder if their hearts are cold?
Numb and cold like you

Do others spend each waking moment wondering what they have done wrong?
That they must spend their time in cages, with no bars or bricks, or wall
Or again am I to stand alone, from all the world apart
And spend endless nights engulfed in tears
And endless days nurse my aching heart

Will the ones who care search a little harder
Can they find the one inside?
That girl that I no longer know
The one I try to find
Will my friends and family stand beside me?
Will they be standing by my side?
When I look and see my reflection
When I say, “Release me! I’ll survive!”

I used to say “Give me understanding” from the ones that I hold dear
But in lighter days I wouldn’t wish they ever know my fear
I hope they cannot feel it, and pray they never know
But they can see me now and smile upon me
And watch as my strength grows

Time is healing all my wounds
Though it was hard to reach my hand
And say “please someone help me”
But they did and now I stand with all my friends and family
And I look at what’s ahead
I see the darkness that once held me, but I follow sunlight now instead.