Getting Help

The misconception that eating disorders are a ‘female issue’ can sometimes make it harder for a man to acknowledge to himself or others that there is a problem of this nature. This in turn can mean that a man is less likely to seek support and help for an eating disorder or related issue.

Combating this stigma with an understanding that an eating disorder is a serious mental health issue that develops for numerous reasons and is not just about food, weight and appearance, is the first step to being able to encourage and facilitate a man seeking out the help and support he needs to let this disorder go.

It is important to remember that the earlier treatment is sought, the earlier a person may move towards recovery. All eating disorders involve physical, psychological, behavioural and emotional aspects and as such for treatment to be effective for both men and women, all of these need to be addressed in some way.

If you are concerned about taking the first step towards recovery, the non-judgmental support provided by Bodywhys services could be a helpful starting point.