Warning Signs

  • Physical signs and symptoms

Frequent changes in weight

Lethargy, tiredness and insomnia


General digestive problems (cramps, wind, constipation, diarrhoea)

Poor skin condition

Headaches, tension

Sore throat and mouth ulcers, husky voice

Calluses on fingers

Irregular periods

Enlarged salivary glands

Erosion of tooth enamel, tooth decay

  • Psychological signs and symptoms

Feeling emotional, irritability, mood swings

Dissatisfaction with body image

Feeling out of control

Feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness

Feelings of guilt and shame

Depression and related symptoms


  • Other behavioural signs

Preoccupation with dieting

Regular binges (uncontrollable overeating)

Being sick after meals

Disappearing to the lavatory after meals in order to get rid of food

Secret hoarding of food

Secret disposal of vomit (e.g. bags of vomit hidden in bedroom)

Abuse of laxatives

Excessive exercising

Risk-taking behaviours such as alcohol or drug misuse, shoplifting, promiscuity, self-harm

Problems dealing with social situations and interaction with others