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‘To The Bone’ film – Advice from Bodywhys

Advice for people with eating disorders and parents

Bodywhys is aware of the Netflix film, To The Bone which will be released on July 14th. The film, rated 15, focuses on a 20 year old woman who is experiencing an eating disorder. Having seen To The Bone in its entirety, Bodywhys acknowledges that the filmmakers have understood the seriousness and complexity of eating disorders.

Safe viewing and seeking support – Should I watch the film?

If you have experience of an eating disorder, and found the trailer overwhelming, it may be advisable to postpone viewing the film until you have spoken to someone in your support network – a professional, a family member, friend or Bodywhys. If you decide to watch the film, it may be useful to plan ahead to talk through your feelings afterwards.

Advice for parents and family members

For family, including parents and siblings, the film highlights the importance of open communication and encouraging people with eating disorders in their recovery. Viewing the film together may be a useful way to discuss any issues that may arise when watching the film. It is important to remember that the film is one person’s story.

What does the film show?

Visual and other elements of the film may be challenging for those with a personal connection to the issue of eating disorders. The central character, Ellen, is in crisis and unwell. Some scenes involving specific eating disorder behaviours are shown, along with personal and emotional conversations.

The film contains a number of key messages:

  • That eating disorders are a psychological illness
  • That eating disorders are about feelings, not food, dieting or vanity
  • That eating disorders pose a significant risk to a person’s emotional and physical health



If the film raises any concerns, Bodywhys is here to support you.

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