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Study: Ecological Momentary Assessment of Eating Disorder Behaviours

This study will examine whether abrupt shifts of scheme modes can be linked to eating disorder behaviors, by using an “in the moment” real-time reporting system known as “ecological momentary assessment” (EMA).

Who can take part?
– Adults experiencing eating disorder symptoms.
– An iOS/Android smartphone to install a free app “Metricwire”.

How can you take part?
1.    You will be invited to complete a web-based baseline questionnaire about your eating behaviours and beliefs. Submit your email address to register for the study at the end.
2.    You will be emailed instructions to download “Metricwire” to your phone.
3.    Select our study “Ecological Momentary Assessment of Eating Disorder Behaviours” in the app.
4.    You will complete some brief questions, 6 times/day, for 8 days.
5.    Upon completion, you will be eligible to win an Apple iPad mini.

Access the study

Jinyuan (Queenie) Wu, PhD candidate,
A/Prof Ross King, Supervisor,


This study has received ethical approval from the Deakin University Human Research Ethics Committee (DUHREC)