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Bodywhys Podcast 2021 – Present

Since 2021, we have created a range of podcast episodes including:

  1. Body image, social media and self-compassion
  2. COVID-19 and eating disorders: Voices from around the world
  3. Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022 highlights – Bodywhys team
  4. Eating disorders and the media
  5. Mental health and eating disorders at third level
  6. Sensory processing, eating behaviours and autism
  7. Learning about the experiences and perspectives of siblings and partners
  8. Learning about other specified feeding and eating disorders (OSFED)
  9. Learning about the experiences of eating disorders of boys and men
  10. Learning about eating disorders and Christmas – Bodywhys Media Panel
  11. Learning about emotion difficulties in eating disorders
  12. Learnings from men who share their experiences on YouTube
  13. Learning about gender salience in recovery
  14. It’s not all about control
  15. A care pathway for longstanding eating disorders
  16. Eating disorders in the emergency department
  17. Psychological recovery from RED-S
  18. How lived experience can inform interventions
  19. Occupational therapy and eating disorders
  20. Neurodivergence and eating disorders
  21. Hormones, excessive sports and midlife men
  22. Adult patients’ experiences of clinical team meetings (ward rounds)
  23. Body image: A global mental health concern
  24. Body functionality: What is it?
  25. Autism and body image
  26. Body image interventions
  27. ARFID – Listening to and learning from families
  28. Longstanding anorexia nervosa – Time for a rethink
  29. An ecological framework for recovery
  30. Improving the adult inpatient experience

You can listen through Anchor or other popular podcast hosting platforms, such as Apple, Google or Spotify.