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Research Study: The Experience of Orthorexia from the Perspective of Recovered Orthorexics

April 2016

Orthorexia is a newly proposed eating disorder that involves obsession with a “clean” or “pure” diet. Currently, orthorexia is not listed as an official eating disorder, but many clinicians are seeing it in their offices. Research in this area is ongoing, and Lynn McGovern, MSc Applied Psychology student in Trinity College Dublin, would like to contribute to this important work by looking at how orthorexia has impacted those with the disorder.

As part of her research, Lynn is currently recruiting people who have previously had eating difficulties that meet the criterion for ‘orthorexic’ as proposed by Dunn and Bratman (2016), and who are now recovered. Potential participants must not have been diagnosed with/be in treatment for another eating disorder within the past year. Participation would consist of a semi-structured interview conducted by telephone. All information is kept strictly confidential and is subject to the standards of the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee at Trinity College.

This study is open to those aged 18 or over. If you would like to take part or have any questions on the study, please contact Lynn at