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Exploring How Social Groups Shape Eating Disorder Recovery


My name is Skye and I’m a third year Psychology student at Nottingham Trent University and my supervisor for this research project is Dr Niamh McNamara.

For my project I would really like to research about how various groups can impact the recovery process for those with eating disorders. I’d like to investigate the different behaviours and beliefs that old and new groups may have which can be beneficial or unhelpful for eating disorder behaviours and recovery. To do this, I would like you to share your thoughts and your own experiences that you may have had through the involvement with different groups.

What is the research about?    

The research aims to explore the norms of behaviour, thinking and values that different groups have, and how engaging with these various groups can provide help during the recovery process for those with eating disorders or how it can negatively effect this process.

What does the study involve?

The study will involve participants giving their consent to take part in a 1-1 interview, through Microsoft Teams. Before the interview you will be given the choice of using your camera during the interview or just using audio. The interview will be recorded in order to analyse the information provided. The interview will consist of questions that helps you to reflect on your thoughts and experiences of being a part of different groups which may have been helpful or unhelpful during your recovery process. If you feel you cannot answer certain questions during the interview, please just alert me of this and we will move on or take a break if you feel the need to.

Right to withdraw

Your participation in this study is purely voluntary. If you wish to withdraw at any time, you are free to do so, you do not have to give a reason for terminating the study. You are also entitled to withdraw your data from the study after you have taken part, if you wish. If you do wish to remove your data after you have taken part, please email me (contact details below).

There is a deadline of 1st March 2021 for removing your data.

What will happen to data collected?

The data will be handled only by members of the research team (myself and my supervisor), in line with data protection principles and our approved research protocol. Electronic files are kept on password protected computers which are not accessible to any other person. The data collected will be solely used for this research project and will be erased after graduation (November, 2021). If in any circumstance the data will be used for other research, you will be informed of this and asked for consent before it is used.

Due to this being a qualitative study the script of the interview will be analysed and quotes from the interview will be used in the write up of this study. To ensure anonymity and confidentiality your name will not be used, a pseudonym will be created so the information you provide will not be directed back to you. You will not be named or otherwise identified in any publication arising from this study.

Contact details

If you have any further questions, would like more information or wish to withdraw your data, please contact:

Student: Skye Bend


Supervisor: Dr Niamh McNamara


Phone: +44 115 84 84346

Postal Address:  50 Shakespeare Street