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HSE National Eating Disorders Webinar 2024 – 28th February

HSE National Eating Disorders Webinar 2024: Expanding Eating Disorder Knowledge and Service Development

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The HSE National Eating Disorders Webinar 2024 is clinically relevant, evidence based and includes national and international speakers across topical clinical and service related areas. Eating Disorders are serious mental health disorders with the highest mortality and morbidity risk of all mental health disorders. Children, adolescents and adults experiencing eating disorders are presenting across a range health care settings. The National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders through its Model of Care has key aims of improving the quality of care delivery to all those with eating disorders, improving access to assessment and treatment, and improving cost effectiveness.               

Who should attend: This webinar will be suitable for all health professionals working with people with eating disorders.

Programme: Below. The online webinar is from 9.45am – 4.30pm on Wednesday 28th February

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the genetics of eating disorders and up to date research advances
  • Learn about the latest research in psychedelic therapy and anorexia nervosa
  • Gain knowledge into the role of compulsive exercise and eating disorders in terms of assessment and management
  • Introduction to Clinical Guidelines for suspected or confirmed eating disorders in Emergency Departments
  • Understand clinical guidelines for the management of anorexia nervosa in paediatric hospitals
  • Learn about Inpatient eating disorder programmes in the treatment of child and adolescent eating disorders.
  • Gain knowledge about adaptations to evidence-based treatments for eating disorders and autism

CPD points: CPD approval College of Psychiatrists of Ireland

Recording: This event will be recorded and circulated widely.

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