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2020 Eating Disorders Conference Presentations

The Fifth National Eating Disorders Conference #edconf20 took place on February 28th.

Slides from the event are now available as PDFs.

Hope for Eating Disorders? Current Status of Treatment and Research Outcomes

Anna Keski-Rahkonen, Professor of Mental Health, University of Helsinki.pdf

My Experience with Anorexia – The Fashion Industry and Eating Disorders

Nikolett Bogar Presentation.pdf

#MoreThanASelfie – Evaluating the Efficacy of a Brief School Based Intervention to Promote Media Literacy and Improve Body Image in Young Adolescents

Fiona Flynn, Youth Development Officer – Bodywhys.pdf

Family-based Pro-active Self-care for Eating Disorder Recovery
Nick & Carol Pollard.pdf

Building Recovery Focused Relationships with People with Eating Disorders: A Key Component to Successful Outcomes
Jean Morrissey & Kielty Oberlin.pdf

Upcoming 2021

European Council on Eating Disorders (ECED)

September 23-25 2021, Belfast