Positive Developments

Despite the range of difficulties that have emerged during the pandemic, some positives have been identified.

  • Greater connection with family, more time for self-care, and motivation to recover (Termorshuizen 2020)
  • Positive role of social media in maintaining and facilitating social connections, accessing support amongst ED communities, following others’ journeys to/of recovery. Social distancing leading to reduced social comparisons and in turn, lower anxiety (Branley-Bell & Talbot 2020)
  • Family trying to bond, trying to challenge some eating disorder behaviours in a supportive way (Fernández‐Aranda, Casas, Claes et al 2020)
  • Experiences of increased self-efficacy, seeking alternative practical coping strategies, gratitude for increased at home time (Clark Bryan 2020)
  • Lockdown as a catalyst for recovery, for some people (Brown 2021)
  • More time for healing and self-care, reaching out more for support and fewer worries related to shopping, events, meetings and work (McCombie et al 2020)
Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2021March 1st-7th