Lived Experience – Impact on Carers & Parents

Issues Example
Service provision
  • Fear of premature discharge from services, change in delivery of supports
Family situation/impact
  • Managing multiple needs – people with eating disorders and family during lockdown, curtailed normal activities and lack of routine, challenges of shielding/cocooning, social distancing
  • Feeling isolated as a carer, lack of true understanding from others
  • Heightened unknown factors, creating meal plans at home, support role of carers has increased due to stay at home requirements, adapting and coping with the needs of PWED and the wider family, whilst carers were also potentially now working from home or suddenly unemployed
Health of people with eating disorders
  • Increased signs of anxiety, new food triggers, noticing signs of relapse
  • Extra time at home and increased cooking frequency by people with eating disorders as compulsive and consuming

Sources: Clark Bryan 2020; Fernández‐Aranda, Casas, Claes et al 2020

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2021March 1st-7th