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A Survey of Online Help-Seeking in Young Adults

This research is being conducted by Claudette Pretorius, a doctoral candidate in School of Computer Science at the University College of Dublin under the supervision of Dr. David Coyle. This research is part of the TEAM (Technology Enabled Youth Mental Health) consortium. Our focus is on the design and development of new technology-enabled mental health services. We would like to invite you to take part in an online survey that looks at how young people look for information and help online for personal and emotional concerns. Your views and experiences are very important in helping us understand how young people look for support and information online for personal and emotional concerns. This online survey takes roughly 15 minutes to complete and the findings from this survey will be used to guide the development of an online tool that will assist the online help-seeking process, hopefully making it simpler and more reliable.

Online survey link

Who can take part:
We would like to hear from young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are currently living in Ireland.

The current study has undergone full scrutiny by the University College Dublin Ethics committee with Research Ethics Reference Number (RERN): LS-17-116-Pretorious-Coyle

Contact Details:

For more information, please contact the researcher: Ms Claudette Pretorius on

Full information sheet available here.