Diploma Course: Introduction to Eating Disorders


This 10-week diploma will introduce and examine key themes in the spectrum of eating disorders. Eating disorders encompass a wide field and include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder and other food-related disorders. These disorders are as prevalent as they are misunderstood and this diploma seeks to dispel many of the myths that have accompanied them.

As well as providing a theoretical grounding of the psychological and social factors involved in any approach to understanding these disorders, practical knowledge and application is also given in support of the theoretical framework. This course will be of particular interest to those who encounter the issue during the course of their work, or who wish to gain insight and understanding about eating disorders.

Who is the course for?

This diploma course will be of interest to those who wish to study in the area with a view to going onto further clinical specialization and training as well as those with a general interest in the area.

Start Date

10th October 2013

Course Timetable

2.5 hours one evening per week for 10 weeks

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Testimonial: Seamus Newe – Diploma in Introduction to Eating Disorders

I found the Introduction to Eating Disorders course to be a highly informative and very well presented programme. The course provided me with a strong insight to a subject area which can be highly complex. The course tutor (Harriet Parsons) was highly knowledgeable, and presented the course material in a very accessible format. The course material and reference documents provided were of a very high standard and have proved to be a valuable reference point for me in my work.